The Elastic Band Theory Article III by Francesca Burke

The Elastic Band Theory Article III | Local resident holds rubber band sculpture exhibition

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By Connor St. James, local reporter

20th December

Upton Chipping-on-the-River resident Tiffany Crawley has been named as the Upton Chipping-on-the-River Town Hall Museum and Gallery resident artist over the Christmas period.

Ms. Crawley is an elastic band sculptor, and has made almost fifty sculptors from elastic bands in the past four years alone. Pieces on display include a life-sized depiction of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, complete with shell and accompanying gods, and a nativity scene with a crib that will fit a real baby. There is also a donkey that visitors are welcome to sit on, a wearable pair of shoes and a set of fully usable armchairs, for which Ms. Crawley has knitted several woolen covers. Also available to view are a set of rings and necklaces, a vest (women’s size 12–14), a snowman based on the Disney character ‘Olaf’ and a scale basket of fruit. The sculptures can weigh several kilograms each due to their density, and can use several thousand elastic bands.

None of the sculptures are for sale, according to Ms. Crawley, ‘because I love my creations too much to part with them. I live alone and am separated from my husband, so I derive great pleasure from my work.’

Ms. Crawley creates every sculpture from scratch, weaving rubber bands together until they resemble the shape she requires. She estimates that she spends around five thousand pounds per year on elastic bands, which she sources from various local shops and some online retailers. ‘I bought the entire stock from the local corner shop once,’ she laughs, ‘and they asked me not to go back without fair warning. So now I shop around, pop into WH Smith or see what there is on eBay. I like natural coloured bands the best, but luminous novelty ones come in handy for appliqueing the finishing touches to a design.’


By Connor St. James, local reporter

21st December

In the article ‘Local resident holds rubber band sculpture exhibition’, published 20th December, we stated that Ms. Tiffany Crawley spends five thousand pounds per year on elastic bands. That was a misprint. Ms. Crawley spends five thousand pounds on elastic bands per month.

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