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Official News

Latest post: New album news! Last updated by: Ginax, today, 6:57pm

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Posted by: Lisa the Admin [admin], 29th August

Hi everyone,

We’re so excited to announce the latest offering from The Band:


Track list:

  • 20gayteen
  • Pixie Dust
  • E/A/S/Y
  • This Song Isn’t About Who You Think It’s About (Or Is It?)
  • Ada Lovelace
  • The Trees Speak Latin
  • Moon_shine
  • Quarantina
  • Bad Omens
  • 1st Class Stamp

Here’s a statement from The Band:

‘We’re so proud and excited to finally share with you THEMATICALLY DIFFERENT FOURTH ALBUM. Is the all-caps necessary? Probably not, but we’re so pleased with how it’s turned out that we want to shout about it. Thank you all for your continued support during this creative process (we really weren’t expecting those demos to go viral like they did). We can’t wait to play these songs live, in an arena, when it is safe to do so.

Much love, A, T, R and C. xoxo’

Posted by: Broken Flowers [admin], 29th August


Posted by: CrimsonClouds, 29th August


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Posted by: Ginax, 3rd September

I’m so excited to finally hear new music! I feel like Quarantina’s going to make me cry…

Posted by: LunaCY [admin], 3rd September

Oh god absolutely. Any bets on what the first single will be?

Posted by: Ginax, 3rd September

This Song Isn’t About Who You Think It’s About (Or Is It?) sounds like it’s going to be an anthem, so that’s where my money’s going.

Band Discussion

Latest post: Which album is the BEST? Last updated by: Scarlett, today 1:08am

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Posted by: LunaCY [admin], 4th January

Hi everyone! I thought we’d put it to a totally unscientific vote… which album by The Band is the best? My vote goes to Unexpectedly Good Debut. It’s so raw and new! Also the cover art is


Posted by: CanaryYellow, 4th January

Commercially Successful Follow Up!

Posted by: Dancer, 4th January

Hey guys check out my cover of First Hit Single on YouTube!

Posted by: LunaCY [admin], 5th January

Hi Dancer, please share your covers in the Art Corner, there’s a whole thread dedicated to covers!

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Posted by: Ginax, 2nd September

For me, Edgy Third Album is the best. I feel like you can hear the work that went into it, but it’s also got me through some really tough times.

Posted by: Beth, 2nd September

I love love Edgy Third Album, but I think Unexpectedly Good Debut is my favourite. The sound is so raw and honest, you can tell they’re just being themselves and figuring out their sound. Also Bloodlines is my favourite song ever.

Posted by: Scarlett, 3rd September

I’m with you on Bloodlines, Luna! It’s so hard to pick but I think Commercially Successful Follow Up is their best. It’s so slick and well put together, and the concept is just *chef’s kiss*


Latest post: Stay Tuned for Tour Dates Last updated by: Lisa the Admin, Tuesday, 9:07am

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Posted by: Lisa the Admin [admin], 29th August

Hi guys,

We wanted to post an update about tour dates. Obviously with the Covid-19 pandemic, The Band and Record Company are reluctant to confirm tour dates until further notice. But rest assured there WILL be a WORLD tour for THEMATICALLY DIFFERENT FOURTH ALBUM! Please stay tuned and we’ll update you as soon as we can.

Posted by: LunaCY [admin], 29th August

Totally understandable. Damn this pandemic!

Posted by: Rex, 29th August

Does anyone want to hang out if they come to Prague?

Posted by: KandyFloss, 29th August

Come to Brazil!

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Posted by: Zen, 1st September

This post has been removed by admin.

Posted by: Zen, 1st September

This post has been removed by admin.

Posted by: Lisa the Admin [admin], 1st September

Guys, a friendly reminder that Band threads are not the place to share anti-vax theories! Please take personal discussion to the Member Lounge (and remember that although we encourage conversation, we will not tolerate the spread of misinformation. You can brush up on the Forum rules here).


Fan Discussion

Latest post: Introduce yourself here! Last updated by: Ginax, Saturday, 8:07pm

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Posted by: Lisa the Admin [admin], 31st December

Hi everyone, with the forums re-opening after moving servers, we wanted to add a new thread where you can all introduce yourselves and get to know one another!

I’ll go first: I’m Lisa, I’m 33 (one of the oldies haha, I remember when Unexpectedly Good Debut came out!). I live in Toronto, Canada, with my husband and three dogs. I’m the main administrator for this site, but I’m helped out by my trusty sidekicks, Luna and Terri!

Posted by: LunaCY [admin], 31st December

Hi everyone! I’m Luna, I’m from Ireland. I’m currently doing a Master’s degree in History and hoping to take a PhD one day. I got into The Band a couple of years ago, via my brother and his (very cool) friends. I joined the old street team forum years ago, and when the site moved to this forum, Lisa asked if I’d like to help moderate. I did, of course. 😊

Posted by: Krista, 1st January

Hi! I’m Krista, I’m from New Zealand. I’m in my final year of medical school and I’ve been a fan of The Band since the Commercially Successful Follow Up days. I’ve seen them live 8 times (I followed the last leg of their World Tour with my boyfriend!). Can’t wait to connect with some more fans.

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Posted by: Ginax, 29th August

Hi everyone! I’m Gina, I’m a HS senior from Ohio. I’ve been a fan of The Band for 6 years, but I didn’t realise this forum existed until now. It’s so nice to connect with other fans of The Band!

Posted by: BrokenFlowers [admin], 29th August

Hi Gina! I’m Terri, one of the moderators of the forum alongside LunaCY and Lisa the Admin (get in touch with one of us if you need anything! Luna and I are just volunteers, while Lisa actually works for The Band’s label). It’s nice to meet you 😊 If you’re looking for other fans in your area, I recommend checking out the Teams part of the forum, I’m pretty sure there’s a thread on there dedicated to the Midwest. I’m in southern Europe. Not many fans of The Band where I live. 😥

Posted by: Ginax, 29th August

Thanks for the warm welcome Terri! I’ll check it out, thanks.


Latest post: Is anyone free to meet up in Birmingham this summer? Last updated by: Krista, Monday, 8:29pm

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Posted by: CinnamonStixx, 26th August

Does anyone in the Birmingham area want to hang out this summer? Be great to meet some other fans. Maybe we could meet up on the anniversary of Commercially Successful Follow Up?

Posted by: ghost, 27th August

Birmingham, Alabama? I’d love to!

Posted by: CinnamonStixx, 27th August

Ahh no, Birmingham, UK.

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Posted by: ghost, 30th August

Ahaaaa sorry I just saw this! Haha wrong Birmingham. The UK might be a bit far to go. 😊

Posted by: Krista, 31st August

Guys, I think we need a map where we can add our counties/cities/states? Nothing too specific, of course. Does anyone know how to make one?

Art Corner

Latest post: Band portraits Last updated by: MarilynsCurls, yesterday, 4:44pm

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Posted by: MarylinsCurls, 24th August

Hey guys heres my portrait of the band hope you all like!

<C_and_R.jpg> <A_and_T.jpg> <group_pic.jpg>

Posted by: CanaryYellow, 24th August

Wow, that’s… something.

Posted by: LunaCY [admin], 25th August

Marilyn, I don’t mean to come across as rude (your painting is really good!) but I’m not sure that’s appropriate so I’ve hidden it.

Posted by: MarylinsCurls, 25th August

Why not?

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Posted by: Lisa the Admin [admin], 1st September

As it’s been pointed out, this content probably isn’t suitable for these forums due to its graphic sexual nature. I checked the rules and regulations, and there aren’t any specific rules in place regarding fan art. Having spoken with my fellow moderators at length, we’ve decided to hide MarylinsCurls’s paintings behind a content warning, as there was no rule stating they couldn’t post, but we’re mindful that the art is considered NSFW (not safe for work). Going forward, however, we will have a strict policy regarding graphic/artistic content. Although all users of this site must be aged 13 or older, we want to keep the forum as safe and appropriate as possible. You can read our updated rules and regulations here.

Posted by: MarylinsCurls, 2nd September

Okay cool thanks for the heads up. Ive set up an Etsy! Check it out here!!!


Member Lounge

Latest post: Need to vent? Last updated by: daffodils, today, 01:21am

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Posted by: BrokenFlowers [admin], 1st January

Need to rant and vent some anger? Get it out here!

Note: if you require resources regarding self-injury and self-harm, please check out this thread. Please be respectful of everybody on this forum!

Posted by: Scarlett, 3rd January

How have my new year’s resolutions gone to hell already?! It’s been 3 days! Could it have anything to do with a certain someone hinting that I’ll never be able to keep my resolution to go running on every weekday?

Posted by: LunaCY [admin], 4th January

Don’t let anyone put you off, S. You can do it!


Posted by: Rex, 4th January

I’m writing off this year already. My car’s been broken into AND I lost my house keys. The Band had better put music out this year or I’m moving to the moon…

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Posted by: ghost, 25th August

Ugh, families can be the worst. I’m so sorry you’ve had to put up with that, D. Is there someone you could talk to through college? They might be able to help an a practical way.

Posted by: CinnamonStixx, 1st September

I’m with Ghost and WanderingHome! You shouldn’t have to put up with that, Daff. Feel free to PM me if things get any worse.

Posted by: daffodils, 3rd September

Thanks, guys, I feel so much better now. I’m going to get in touch with the college support team tomorrow. Thanks for listening!


Latest post: What’s the last film you watched? Last updated by: WanderingHome, Monday, 6:14pm

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Posted by: daffodils, 2nd February

How have we not got one of these?! Comment with the last film you watched:

The Fellowship of the Ring

Posted by: ghost, 3rd February

Mad Max

Posted by: witchinghour, 3rd February

La La Land

Posted by: WolfStar, 6th February

The Great Gatsby (Baz Luhrmann one)

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Posted by: BubblegumDiamonds, 29th August

Avengers: Endgame 😥

Posted by: daffodils, 31st August

Some Like It Hot

Posted by: WanderingHome, 31st August

Basic Instinct It has not aged well

Other Discussions

Latest post: This or that? Last updated by: LunaCY, yesterday, 6:57pm

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Posted by: PeacockFeathers, 29th January

I love the this or that game. The rules are simple… choose between this or that!

Tunnocks Tea Cakes or Jaffa Cakes?

Posted by: ghost, 29th January

Are those sweets? From a country I’m not from hahaha. Um… Jaffa Cakes?! I just looked them up and they look delicious

Hot or cold?

Posted by: daffodils, 1st February


Dogs or cats?

Posted by: LunaCY [admin], 1st February


Taylor Swift or Lorde?

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Posted by: CinnamonStixx, 31st August

Times New Roman!

Sunrise or sunset?

Posted by: Ginax, 1st September

Sunset, no question,

Coke or Pepsi?

Posted by: LunaCY [admin], 2nd September



Marvel or DC?


House Rules

Latest post: No discussion about private lives Last updated by: MarylinsCurls, yesterday, 4:11pm

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Posted by: Lisa the Admin [admin], 1st January

Hi everyone, we have decided to implement a rule on the new forums regarding the discussion of The Band’s private lives. This includes families. Please limit your discussions to The Band’s work and music, and report any posts contravening this rule.

Posted by: ghost, 1st January

Such a good idea. The old forums got a bit… icky.

Posted by: LunaCY [admin], 2nd January

You can say that again. Ugh.

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Posted by: LunaCY [admin], 2nd September

Hi Marilyn, thanks for your question but that would definitely come under the ‘no private lives’ rule. Thanks!

Posted by: MarylinsCurls, 2nd January

Okay np!

Help & Support

Latest post: Please help! Last updated by: bagpipes, Saturday, 2:11pm

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Posted by: bagpipes, 28th August

Hi! I’m new to the site and I can’t figure out how to add an avatar? None of the links seem to be working.

Posted by: LunaCY [admin], 28th August

Hi! Avatars have to be a specific size. Maybe the photo you’re linking is too big?

Posted by: Lisa the Admin [admin], 29th August

Hi bagpipes, PM me the image you’re trying to use and I’ll see what I can do!

Posted by: bagpipes, 29th August

Thank you so much, I’ve just messaged you!

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