The King of Banana Town by Francesca Astraea

yellow writing on a photo of a town reading 'The King of Banana Town'

Had a slightly... bananas... prompt. Wrote about racketeering. Enjoy!   It wasn’t known as Banana Town when Gus moved there. The town, that is. It wasn’t known as much – just a crossroads with some houses, a petrol station and one of those everything-and-anything grocery shops. If it had a name, Gus scrubbed it out … Continue reading The King of Banana Town by Francesca Astraea

Manifested by Francesca Astraea

pink and purple mirror graphic with the words 'Manifested Francesca Burke''

Rosie's life as an up-and-coming YouTuber is hectic, filled with long days and hard work, fuelled by caffeine and desperation. When she starts to forget where she's been, she thinks she's pushed herself too far. But is something sinister at play? Content warnings: blood.   Rosie was late. She wasn’t sure how it happened; one … Continue reading Manifested by Francesca Astraea

The Balanced Scales Agency by Francesca Astraea

white on green graphic reading 'The Balanced Scales Agency Francesca Burke'

The Balanced Scales Agency looked from the outside like every private investigator’s office in every film or TV show ever made about private investigators. Its shopfront was a faded green, tucked between two large, corporate, glassy buildings in London’s Square Mile. How it hadn’t been subsumed by developers yet, Bradley Henderson had no idea. Bradley’s … Continue reading The Balanced Scales Agency by Francesca Astraea